What is wrong with some people?

By Kevin Roche

Okay, the libertarian side of me, and that is the most prominent part generally feels like people can do whatever they want and make their own judgments on risk and safety.  But the problem during the epidemic has been that the worrywarts, who vastly overestimate their and others risk, are trying to force the rest of us to behave in a certain manner and are working to persuade government to make us obey their safety-obsessed delusions.  I continue to see people wearing masks driving in cars alone.  I see people with their children masked outdoors in parks.  That is not just stupid, it is child abuse.  And the more you try to help people understand the facts about risk, the more they cling to their delusions.  I have given up.  It isn’t rational so rational arguments won’t work.

I have discovered a new law of human behavior as a result of observing the epidemic.  The less real meaning there is in your life, the more desperately you cling to it and avoid anything you believe might threaten your existence.  And there are a lot of people who know their lives have little real meaning, no matter how much time they spend on social media.  Get a life and you might not be so worried about it ending.  And stop trying to make the rest of life by your absurd and irrational delusions.