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xx Time Warner Phone
September 19, 2014, 09:25:49 PM by raygut3
Talked to my doctor today and found out that I don't need to keep my land line from Century Link for medical reasons.  Since we already have Time Warner cable and Internet so I'm exploring adding phone to the package.  Does anyone have any experience with their phone service, good or bad.  What do you need to buy - I am already leasing a cable modem but am using my own router.  (Don't want to give up the router since I would have to reprogram computers, cellphones, etc.). What kind of phones do you have to use?  Is there a better alternative than Time Warner?
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xx NC Voter Guide
September 18, 2014, 10:06:42 PM by munn5

WUNC and the NC Center for Voter Education put together a voter's guide. Each candidate was asked to provide a 100 word biography and a 200 word statement.

Click on Meet the candidates on your ballot, then enter your address.
You can endorse a candidate on Facebook from the profile.

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xx TBJ - Carolina Premium Foods to hire 700 in Siler City
September 17, 2014, 10:44:29 PM by Gene Galin
Carolina Premium Foods to hire 700 in Siler City

Carolina Premium Foods, a Moore County company establishing an antibiotic free chicken processing plant at a former Townsend Chicken facility in Siler City, hopes to hire 700 employees at full-scale production, with 200 anticipated hires by next summer.

Read: Poultry producer to restart production in old Townsend chicken plant in Siler City

CEO Brian Thomsen says contracts to distribute antibiotic free chicken are in place with distributors across the country.

We have agreements with distributors to carry 2 million pounds of chicken per week, he says. The Siler City plant at full operation for us will generate 3.5 million pounds per week. Thats to distribute to the Northeast, West Coast and Southeast. Our biggest limitation is sourcing organic grain.

Thomsens goal is to source local chicken by partnering with 200 local family farms from within an 80-mile radius. With 200 employees in the first phase of production, he hopes to reach 700 employees by the time the plant scales up to the third planned phase.

The company, which received a $750,000 grant from the N.C. Rural Infrastructure Authority and is seeking about $8 million more from investors, is expected to generate $290 million in revenue by next fall, says Thomsen.

The demand for antibiotic free, non-GMO and organic chicken is growing exponentially, he says. There is an available 2-plus million square feet of grower house space for immediate placement of broiler chicks and another 6-plus million square feet of grower house available within 3 months. We have started in a small facility and have a great opportunity to move into a larger space with a very minimal capital expenditure.

Read the entire story at http://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2014/09/17/carolina-premium-foods-to-hire-700-in-siler-city.html
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xx Jan Nichols thoughts revisited.
September 17, 2014, 09:18:44 AM by Everett McGill
Did I sleep through the rapture and the ensuing apocalypse foretold by the even keeled and silver tongued Jan Nichols in 2010?

"Our team's re-election on November 2 is being threatened with a slate of ideological radicals whose astro-turf platform is worse than Bunkey's.

The opponents' slate -- led by Brian Bock,  -- represents extremists who want to impose reckless policies that are out of touch with the values and views of the majority of Chatham residents and have no connection to local conditions.  Despite little knowledge of Chatham's complex problems or its current policies, they claim to have all the answers.  

If they succeed, the board majority that gave us responsible leadership for the past four years will be replaced by a radical regime.  Chatham will be exposed to unsustainable residential development once again, as well as massive local budget cuts,  that will ruin our schools, our natural resources and our way of life.  

These radicals want to overturn the wise investments we have made in new facilities, parks and recreation and, most important, the schools.  All of these investments are critical to Chatham's economic development and our quality of life."

from:  http://chatham-county-nc.com/bulletinboard/index.php?topic=19739.0

Thank You Mr. Bock, Mr. Petty and Ms. Stewart !   All three of you have my vote. - again
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xx Should County Employees be worried?
September 17, 2014, 08:24:20 AM by Muddylaces
The democrats would have you believe that they were for everyone
 having affordable health care access during the Affordable Healthcare
 Act debate. How affordable is healthcare when your work hours are
 capped? How hard did Karen Howard and Del Turner fight for healthcare
 for Chatham County substitute teachers?
September 8th, 2014, School board committee member Del Turner,
 motion that the district cap substitute teacher hours at the number
 of hours necessary in order to ensure that the district is not
 required under the Affordable Healthcare Act to extend health
 insurance to the substitutes or be subject to fines, with the district
 to have the flexibility necessary under extraordinary circumstances to
 allow extended hours consistent with law. It passed 4-0. Mia Munn
 is running to unseat Del Turner. Mia has tirelessly been taking notes
 at the school board meetings for the last four years; you can bet she
 will stand by her convictions. Give her your vote, shes worked hard
 for it.
This is not really surprising. The School Board just learned what
 businesses across the country learned. The ACA blows chunks and is
 costing American workers hours so that they will remain ineligible for
 employer sponsored healthcare. So now Chatham County Substitutes
 not only will not be able to get employer healthcare, they now get to
 take less money home because of less hours. Well I guess they will be
 just as happy to
 make up the hours in fast food restaurants where their hours will
 also be capped. Why was Mrs. Howard unable to foresee this problem?
 By her own words, the County has funded everything the school board
 has asked. Education is a core priority for the conservative
 commissioners. Why did she not see these county employees as a
 priority and bring this issue to the County Board?
Here is the situation voters face. Democrat Karen Howard will be on
 the County Board next year. She is running unopposed. County
 voters must return Brian Bock and Pam Stewart to the board; both must
 win otherwise Mrs. Howard will likely become the BOC chair. If you
 are a county employee, do you feel comfortable that a Howard led board
 will not cap your hours too and send you into the Obamacare website
 purgatory to fend for yourself?
Brian Bock, Pam Stewart, Walter Petty, have a track record on enabling
 Chatham County employees to do their job and will continue to support
 them. They have done a good job and should be re-elected.
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xx Randy Voller tries to play race card during commissioners' meeting
September 17, 2014, 12:06:03 AM by Gene Galin
During the public input of the Chatham County Commissioners meeting, NC Democratic Chairman Randy Voller stood up to speak.

Randy Voller made the accusation that Chatham County Commissioner candidate Karen Howard was kept out of the loop on communications by the Chatham County Board of Commissioners to the Chatham Board of Education and it's staff.

Voller also went on to suggest that some women in North Carolina were upset that speaker Tom Tillis did not address Kay Hagan by her title.

Voller went on to pontificate that one could only hope that the failure to bring BOE chairwoman Howard into the dialog was not a gender slight. However, Voller added, that given the unfortunate and hostile environment he has witnessed around the country regarding President Barack Obama over the past six years Voller can apparently conclude that race perhaps played a role in the supposed disrespect shown chairwoman Howard.

Voller went on to tell a story about Abe Lincoln and some people possibly peeing or doing something else on the hay in a barn.

Voller finished up by requesting that since Karen Howard will be serving on the Chatham Board of Commissioners after this election that she be treated fairly and with respect while she still served as the chairwoman of the school board and a future member of the BOC.

Video of Randy Voller Speaking at 9/15/14 BOC meeting

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exclamation Chatham County liberal's head explodes with hatred
September 16, 2014, 07:59:10 AM by zorro
Lynn Fass is not your typical Chatham Democrat. She is a conservative hating liberal who's head is exploding with hatred.

I heard someone say that this year's election in Chatham County is not between Republicans and Democrats and Independents. This year's election is between the people of Chatham County and the Jeff Starkweather liberals.

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 08:04:41 -0400
From: Lynn Fass
Subject: bock, Stewart, petty

give the county back to the people!
vote democratic and not for the group of commissioners that has sold us out!
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moved MOVED: WHERE Can I find paw paws???
September 16, 2014, 12:40:14 AM by Gene Galin
This topic has been moved to Neighbor to Neighbor.


xx Broadband meeting in southwestern Chatham! Sept. 25, 2014
September 15, 2014, 09:26:47 AM by eagle
Mark your calendars for September 25th.  Randolph Telephone Membership Cooperative will be holding a meeting to share information on providing fiber based internet to rural southwestern Chatham.  The meeting will be held on September 25, 2014, at 6:30 pm in the cafeteria of Chatham Central High School.
Many in this area have no internet connection, and some on the end of DSL loops have little more than dial-up speeds.  Please help get the word out about this meeting--especially to those who do not have service. If you know someone in the area give them a call.  If you work at the schools spread the word!  This is the Bonlee, Bear Creek, Goldston area.  Those with DSL service already should definitely attend if they want to see broadband upgraded in this rural area.

Link to news release by Chatham County
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xx Chatham News article on Range 2A?
September 14, 2014, 08:21:36 PM by TCD
I heard there was a Chatham Record article on Range 2A a week or so ago, but when I looked it's already rotated off their website and of course off the newsstand too.  Saw on Facebook that the range owners thought it was a fair article so I'd like to see it.  Anyone got a scan, a link, or a summary?
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