The truth will be told

By N.A. Booko

Pittsboro, NC – A couple of days ago I wrote about my mother. I didn’t know a lot about her parents other than they were a great grandma and grandpa! Sometime in the 1960s after all of them had died, including my mother, a first cousin mentioned to me that my great grandma on mother’s side, was a full blooded Creek Indian.

It was something that thrilled me and I was proud of it, alto I had absolutely nothing to back it up. Nothing. I kept the story alive and never ever found any relative that would add to it or have additional information. They had never heard it either.

One can conjure up all sorts of visions to fit unsubstantiated myths and rumors. Years have passed and what my cousin told me is all I have and have ever been able to find.

As I reread the piece about my mother and her watch, it occurred to me that I could no longer remember my mother’s date of birth. One try with Google brought the information; and it was in a website of Moore County ancestors. What a wealth of information! Finally, I was able to know the name of my grandmother’s mother but also the name of my father’s father. I had never known that.

I wrote the curator of the website, since it is really complicated and difficult to navigate. I was told there was nothing in the family tree to indicate that my great grandmother was a Creek Indian. But went on to say that possibly no one had ever submitted DNA that would support the claim. Would I be interested in being tested (DNA)? I agreed and will be doing the test next week. Seems a lot of the ancestry on that website is backed up by DNA testing.

Maybe in five to six weeks I will know! I will be disappointed if I’m not part Creek Indian, but in the long run, I guess I’ll just limp along being me.