Age-adjusted COVID-19 deaths, updated

By Kevin Roche

This chart, courtesy Phil Kerpen on Twitter, is useful for a number of purposes. It age-adjusts deaths in the states. One very interesting thing is notice the states clustered in the far north on each coast. Some combination of latitude and being near water may influence transmission rates. Be interesting to compare the counties in those states that are right on the water with those farthest inland. Oh, look at Florida. Number 41. Gee, I guess being the most locked-down state in the country, not, worked for them. Florida has an elderly population, dense population centers and a high minority population, and is still way down there. Look at the top, an interesting mix of states, with some of the most locked down and some of the least locked down. New York and New Jersey were very locked down but also have high population density. Minnesota has done pretty well, but about the same as its far less locked down and very comparable state Wisconsin. And Minnesota did slightly worse, measured by deaths, than did Florida.