Chatham County News Tweets: 9.6.21 – 09.12.21

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We’ve got to talk about the Rolling Stone ivermectin article. Turns out the story about rural hospitals so flooded… 00:07:54, 2021-09-06Chatham County News Tweets: 2021-08-30 – 2021-09-05 08:00:06, 2021-09-06RT @ThirstySkull: Got a big batch of Pittsboro Pilsner being made! Getting ready to be kegged! 09:39:15, 2021-09-06RT @ChathamNR: The Rotary Club of Pittsboro held its first Fill the Bus school supply drive the weekends of Aug. 14 and 21, generating more… 09:39:26, 2021-09-06RT @CynthiaRaxter: Bluegrass Experience LIVE at @bynumfrontporch If you couldn’t be there in person… it sure was… 09:39:34, 2021-09-06RT @LoneWoofer: Thank you to everyone
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I sometimes miss these… 09:40:04, 2021-09-06RT @rossgrady: @jason0x21 @StonerDeveloper I took an amazing “basic building construction” course at Chatham County Community College from… 09:40:46, 2021-09-06RT @JMHSArts: ?? JMARTS CONTEST! Here’s a photo from a past JM theatrical production. To win, name the character and the show. (Bonus for t… 09:40:54, 2021-09-06The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @Markeo3 @PittsboroCVB @mgwcowboys10 09:51:35, 2021-09-06RT @SC_ParksRec: ??? Join Chatham Public Libraries for Outdoor Story Time Tuesdays at 10:30am at Washington Avenue Park for stories & sing… 09:11:42, 2021-09-07RT @seaforth_ffa: Congrats to Michael A. Playing for Guilford College-defensive tackle.Looking good Mr Anthony! Former FFA member at North… 09:12:29, 2021-09-07The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @PboroElementary @JMHSArts @TriadBizJournal 09:51:29, 2021-09-07RT @ChathamNR: “We have faced a lot of hard moments over the past year and a half. I don’t think any has been as hard as what we are going… 10:59:31, 2021-09-07RT @JM_HOSA: Happy Labor Day, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend HOSA is having an interest meeting September 10th and would love for you… 11:00:18, 2021-09-07It’s Back: Hoppin’ John Hits the Stage with Alice Gerrard 11:02:34, 2021-09-07Are You Ready to Find a Career, Not Just a Job? Come to CCCC! 11:06:30, 2021-09-07RT @NorthwoodFFA: Construction is underway for our new chicken coop! 13:25:00, 2021-09-07The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @FirstHealth @nckhui @LcacNews #nced #ncpol 09:51:25, 2021-09-08RT @CORAFoodPantry: People often think we only distribute canned foods. Not true! We are distributing pre-packed bags of shelf-stable food… 20:40:49, 2021-09-08RT @ungerama: @legroff MCINTYRES Bookstore (Fearrington Village between Chapel Hill & Pittsboro NC 20:41:59, 2021-09-08RT @TriangleBIZJrnl: After spending five years at The Fearrington House Restaurant, a wine steward will open her own business at Chapel Hil… 20:42:15, 2021-09-08RT @aschnitt53: Quality North Carolina lunch from Allen and Son BBQ in Pittsboro 20:42:28, 2021-09-08RT @NHSChargers: Ms. Cifers’ APES class is working on island biodiversity and probability models. Love seeing and hearing learning in the h… 22:19:38, 2021-09-08RT @NorthwoodNut: great win today girls! 8-0! 22:20:11, 2021-09-08The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @yoshis_OAK @thestokesnews @iamcccc #ccccstrong 09:50:37, 2021-09-09RT @ChargerAthletes: Game Day! @NHSChargers @ALLNFootball @NorthwoodNut @NorthwoodXCTF 09:56:36, 2021-09-09RT @iamcccc: Pappas joins @iamcccc Chatham County Small Business Center as new coordinator
#CCCCSTRONG… 09:56:53, 2021-09-09RT @chathamjournal: Montecito Medical acquires medical office property in Pittsboro. The Chatham Park Medical Office Building, which offers… 10:00:11, 2021-09-09Pittsboro Oktoberfest 2021
October 2, 6pm-12pm Ring in Oktoberfest, Pittsboro-style! Eight participating bars are… 10:20:45, 2021-09-09RT @ChargerAthletes: Our football game tomorrow with Southeast Raleigh has been cancelled due to a Covid Quarantine. We are currently looki… 15:00:09, 2021-09-09RT @PittsboroCVB: Flatwoods Festival is in its 23rd year. Celebrating in Bennett this weekend.… 21:59:23, 2021-09-09RT @BMCBrewing: Anyone want to help prep the grapefruit for the Cottidae Grapefruit IPA? Come now! 22:00:08, 2021-09-09RT @ABC11_WTVD: The YMCA is hiring a number of positions throughout Wake County and in Chatham County. Lifeguards, bus drivers, and especia… 22:00:26, 2021-09-09RT @CORAFoodPantry: Medicine, electricity, childcare—they should never come at the cost of food. The reality is, for so many of our neighbo… 22:01:06, 2021-09-09RT @LowerHawFriends: Pittsboro’s Commissioners will discuss Chatham Park North Village Small Area Plan at Sept 13th meeting. Agenda at http… 09:38:00, 2021-09-10RT @ChargerAthletes: Congrats Jalen Page for receiving the Connie Fenner State Farm Player of the Week. Jalen had 18 carries for 122 yards,… 09:50:35, 2021-09-10The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @UNCH_Careers @LawyersComm 09:50:40, 2021-09-10RT @EmergAppDaily: 09/11/2021 Truck of the day Bonlee Fire Department: Tanker 611 (Chatham County NC) PC: BFD Facebook Page… 01:05:31, 2021-09-11The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @DukeChronicle @n00ge8 @MainNashville #nc #worldtradecenter 09:50:37, 2021-09-11RT @ChargerAthletes: Way to go Caroline!!! @NHSChargers @ChathamNCSports @NorthwoodXCTF 20:12:02, 2021-09-11RT @NorthwoodB_Ball: Never forget 9/11/01 20:14:52, 2021-09-11Downtown Pittsboro on a Sunday morning 09:37:11, 2021-09-12RT @SC_ParksRec: ??? A wonderful day for Youth Football & Cheerleading in Siler City! #SilerCityParksRec 09:37:18, 2021-09-12The latest The Chatham County News Daily! 09:50:37, 2021-09-12Great news!
New CDC findings show that we’re closer than ever to the end of the pandemic. 13:32:16, 2021-09-12RT @JMHSArts: JM celebrates the holiday season on December 16, with performances by the JM Jazz Band, the JM combined Concert and Marching… 13:46:42, 2021-09-12RT @580CraftBeer: Sunday Funday! We have The Farms Friends Rescue – Dog Adoption Event! 2-5pm, come show the love! We also have 15% off m… 13:47:10, 2021-09-12“I do not speak as a hero or a victim. I speak as a witness. I saw a lot, and from close range.” – Chatham resident… 14:48:52, 2021-09-12Join the Whack Attack on invasive species along the Haw River on September 18 14:51:05, 2021-09-12e-Learning Development Teacher Professional Development at CCCC. This is an 8-week, self-paced, self-study course t… 14:54:17, 2021-09-12Pittsboro restaurant re-opening under new management 22:21:46, 2021-09-12People like Chatham Witness are the real villains forcing their opinions on people’s personal health rights 23:02:19, 2021-09-12We? 23:24:29, 2021-09-12Glad to see someone advocate for teaching critical thinking in schools 23:44:02, 2021-09-12