Feeding the community: Mountaire Farms’ Thanksgiving for Thousands

By Gene Galin

Siler City, NC – In the heart of Siler City, a remarkable annual event unfolds annually at Mountaire Farms, aptly named “Thanksgiving for Thousands.” This initiative, in its fifth year locally and 34th year company-wide, is a testament to Mountaire Farms’ commitment to giving back to the community. In a collaborative effort with volunteers from various walks of life, the company is assembling an impressive 10,000 Thanksgiving meal boxes for families facing food insecurity. On Saturday morning, I got a glimpse into the logistics, community involvement, and the heartfelt spirit that fuels Mountaire Farms’ mission to provide not just nourishment but a sense of gratitude during the holiday season.

Gene Galin walks through the Thanksgiving for Thousands assembly line with Mountaire’s Liz Mauney on Saturday morning.

The Assembly Line

As we stroll through the bustling assembly line, Liz Mauney, the coordinator of this grand operation, gives us insight into the contents of each box. Packed to feed a family of four, these boxes include 4-pound chicken roasters, corn, green beans, yams, stuffing, gravy mix, and even a brownie mix for dessert. The meticulous planning behind each element ensures a well-rounded and satisfying Thanksgiving meal for those in need. Volunteers, donned in various community organization shirts, work diligently to make this assembly line a seamless and efficient process.

The Volunteers

The heart and soul of “Thanksgiving for Thousands” lie in the dedicated volunteers who come from all corners of the community. These volunteers represent organizations that have benefited from Mountaire’s donations in the past, as well as friends and family united by a common goal – to support their neighbors. About 170 Mountaire employees also assist in this heartfelt effort. The scale of this community effort showcases the power and the willingness of individuals to contribute to a cause larger than themselves. The diversity among the volunteers reflects a communal spirit that goes beyond socioeconomic boundaries.

After we shot the video Liz also noted that “Our Mountaire family came together to work with our community partners to make this another successful event by building a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for everyone to feel blessed in this season of giving and receiving. “

The Distribution Network

Beyond the assembly line, the logistics of distributing 10,000 Thanksgiving meal boxes to those in need require meticulous planning. Mountaire Farms, through its extensive network of community connections, ensures that these boxes reach the deserving recipients. The distribution process is a collaborative effort involving local charities, churches, and community centers. This ensures that the impact of “Thanksgiving for Thousands” is felt far and wide, reaching even the most remote corners of Chatham County.

The Mountaire Creed

At the heart of this philanthropic endeavor is the Mountaire Creed, a guiding principle that emphasizes being good stewards of all assets entrusted by God. This creed serves as a reminder that the act of giving goes beyond the physical provision of meals; it embodies a commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. The Mountaire Creed is more than a slogan; it’s a compass guiding the company’s actions, inspiring goodwill, and fostering a sense of responsibility toward the community it serves.

As the assembly line continues its steady pace, and volunteers work to achieve the goal of assembling 10,000 Thanksgiving meal boxes, the impact of “Thanksgiving for Thousands” becomes abundantly clear. This annual tradition not only provides sustenance to families in need but also weaves a tapestry of compassion, unity, and gratitude within the community. Mountaire Farms’ dedication to this initiative for over three decades showcases a commitment to social responsibility that extends beyond corporate borders.

Quick summary notes:

🦃 Thanksgiving for Thousands event at Mountaire Farms in Siler City

🤝 Community initiative to help those who are food insecure

📦 Goal of packing 10,000 boxes in Chatham County

🍗 Each box contains a meal for four family members

🐔 Chicken roasters (10,000 of them!) are a significant part of the meal

🌽 Other items include corn, green beans, yams, stuffing, gravy mix, and brownie mix

🙌 Volunteers from the community and organizations contribute to the effort

🥧 Dessert included in the box with brownie mix

📝 A card saying “Happy Thanksgiving” is placed at the end in each box

🌟 Mountaire Farms’ Creed emphasizes being good stewards and giving back

⏰ Event has been going on for five years in Siler City and 34 years company-wide

🕖 Operation starts at 7 AM and aims to finish around noon, packing 10,000 meals in total

Watch on YouTube – Mountaire Farms Thanksgiving for Thousands