Pittsboro traffic circle overhaul project moves into Phase 2

Pittsboro, NC – An overhaul of the iconic traffic circle around the historic Chatham County courthouse in Pittsboro began on Monday, January 11. The contractor, Carolina Sunrock, completed Phase 1 of the multi-month project on January 15. This involved the removal of the concrete islands within the traffic circle.

All lanes around the traffic circle remained open during phase 1, except for temporary measures narrowing, redirecting or stopping traffic.

Phase 2 of the project includes the construction on the eastern portions of the traffic circle. Rerouting traffic and demolition of the curbs and sidewalks began on Monday, January 18.

Phase 2 of construction includes closing the eastern side of the traffic circle. During Phase 2, US 15-501 will remain open in a two-way, two lane traffic pattern on the west side of the traffic circle. US 64 on the east side of the traffic circle will be closed. US 64 on the west side will remain open to the traffic circle.

Pittsboro traffic circle 1.15.21
Pittsboro traffic circle 1.15.21 (photo by Gene Galin)