Pittsboro Youth Theater won 9 Triangle-wide theater awards in 2020

Pittsboro, NC – Pittsboro Youth Theater’s family of performance arts organizations were recognized with 9 Triangle-wide Best of the Year awards in a ceremony held December 30. The annual program celebrates outstanding performing arts in the region. Dustin Britt, Managing Editor and 18 writers, reviewers and contributors of Chatham Life and Style scour the regions performances and vote on outstanding shows. The Best of the Year 2020 ceremony remains available for viewing on Facebook and Youtube.

PYTs family of performing arts organizations were selected as Outstanding in the following categories:

Outstanding Youth Program
A Virtual Christmas Carol by Pittsboro Youth Theater.
Cast:  Huck Boone, Reese Colwell, Clementine Janssen, Emmy Krawczel, Celeste Smith, and Max Whittington.

Outstanding Student Theatre Ensemble

Columbinus by Social Justice Theater of the Carolinas.
Cast: Jacqui Anthenien, Hannah Conners, Abi Dasher, Jake Dusenberry, Ethan Galiger, Alayna McLandsborough, India Nkamp, Eden Priddle

A Virtual Christmas Carol produced by Pittsboro Youth Theater. Cast:  see above.

Outstanding Breakout Performance

  • Alayna McLandsborough in Columbinus
  • Catherine Hall in Heal 2020
  • Clementine Janssen in A Virtual Christmas Carol
  • India Nykamp in Columbinus
  • Jacqui Anthenien in Columbinus

In recognition of most noteworthy individuals benefiting performing arts in the Triangle, Britt said,  “There are a couple people… who stood out to me and the staff as doing something extraordinary.”

Outstanding Contribution to the Arts

Tammy Matthews and Craig Witter

Britt said, “I want to call out Tammy Matthews and Craig Witter who are the founders of Pittsboro Youth Theater and Social Justice Theater of the Carolinas. Tammy and Craig have managed to pull together all of the families in the Pittsboro area and have provided a marvelous educational environment for emerging artists, through small community productions.”

“What’s particularly extraordinary is that Tammy’s students continue to crank out really funny, delightful online content.” Britt continued, “Tammy and Craig are doing marvelous work and have been for a very long time. So if you are in the Pittsboro area, I definitely recommend that you look into Pittsboro Youth Theater for your kids, Chatham Community Players for adults, whether that means. Participating or going in and paying a visit.”

Describing Matthews and Witters outstanding achievement Britt said, “Definitely look at the Pittsboro Youth Theater Youtube page where they have lots of wonderful stuff.”

Visit pittsboroyouththeater.com for more info.