Big changes coming to Chatham County website

Pittsboro, NC – Chatham County government announces that big changes are coming to its website with a new location and a fresh look that is easier to navigate. The Chatham County website (previously ) is now located at

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The .gov website domain corresponds with Chatham County employee emails which transitioned to .gov in late 2020. The change adds security, transparency and reliability to the Chatham County Government website. Visitors accessing the previous .org location will be redirected to the new home at .

Search engines have already been notified of the new location. Residents, visitors, businesses and organizations are encouraged to check out their favorite Chatham County pages and update their bookmarks.

In addition to a new location, the Chatham County website is getting a makeover. Over the next several months,  will undergo a redesign process. “The goal is to provide our online visitors with a more pleasant user experience which includes updating the overall look of the website, improving access to content and online tools and enhancing navigation processes,” said Chatham County Manager Dan LaMontagne. “We hope that these aesthetic and functional improvements to our website will serve our growing community for years to come.”

Feedback from the community is very important as the redesign process moves forward. The public is encouraged to take a few minutes to share comments and suggestions in an online survey found at this link.

Chatham County’s redesigned website is expected to be complete in late 2021