My opinion for what it’s not worth

By Mark Stinson

Siler City, NC – If half the self righteous people who throw stones at others because they won’t fall in tow behind them and agree with their radical beliefs would actually stop and listen to themselves and realize the more they preach their version of  inclusiveness and patriotism the more they divide us all.

Girl with American USA flag in a field
photo created by pvproductions

Whether its far right or far left, we as a county and country do not need you. We need folks who will think for themselves and desire to work together with folks who they don’t necessarily see eye to eye with to achieve a common goal, unity.

I have been on both sides of the political spectrum. Both sides lie. Both sides manipulate the truth and for the most part don’t want to hear it if it doesn’t fit their agenda. I should let you in on a great secret, The silent majority isn’t all red. It’s now purple . We are done with the blue socialist Mafia and the old outdated red elephant money train.

I don’t post much anymore on the Chatham Chatlist. I’m tired of being belittled, insulted and threatened by a–holes that believe their certain point of view is the only point of view .