The dancing chicken

By N.A. Booko

Pittsboro, NC – Someone once said “Even spring chickens dance slower in Autumn.” It was me, in a 2019 Chatham Chatlist post. I got so much mileage out of it then, decided to squeeze a little more. To me, now, it is all about energy level. I will turn 85 this month and do know that I am a little slower in some respects than I used to be.

used tv set on withered grass
Photo by Anete Lusina

Today was such a nice day I wanted to do some work outside. My search for knee pads and velcro corset support turned up nothing. So, if that’s how they want it, that is how they will get it. No work for me until they pull themselves into line. Anyway, glancing out the window it looks less ‘springie’ than before. So, I guess the nearest chair will be awarded my grand company. I don’t even insist on a ‘good’ book any more. I can sit there for no reason at all.

The iPad to my left, my cell phone to the right and the TV just ahead. Who could want more? It would be helpful if the remote “clicker’ would still turn on the TV, but that part of the remote is gone, gone, gone. Clicking to change channels still works, otherwise I’d be off to buy a new ‘cheepie’ TV. I’m not going back to ‘mashing’ buttons on the TV set. It’s unnerving. I have tried once before; the universal remote and I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

In the 1960’s a gadget came on the market commonly referred to as ‘blab-off.” It was like a remote control to turn off the sound of TV commercials – but wouldn’t turn the TV on or off or change channels.

I wish they had made a ‘blab-off’ for other situations in life.