Are Chatham County residents experiencing a property evaluation ripoff?

By Kira Dirlik

Pittsboro, NC – Well, I wonder what they think I did to warrant a 29% increase!  What fevered mind thinks I did something worth $81,663? Well, the squirrels made nests inside the eaves and have chewed chunks of wood off the supporting beams. The flying squirrels somehow have spread chunks of my pink insulation and yellow duct insulation around the weed-covered yard. What died (thank goodness no smell) in the 8” part of the crawlspace to allow two waves of 60+ black flies to come up the hole where the plumbing comes up to the upstairs bathtub (easily vacuumed to oblivion)? I have trapped a few mice that figured out a way to get into my living space, too. I tremble at the very thought of looking in that crawlspace.

Photo by Terra Strickland

I haven’t changed anything for fifteen plus years. I do want them to come here and evaluate my house in person! If they can get their car up my rutted, bumpy, root-filled driveway, count that driveway as also worth $81,663! Fallen trunks all around from this wet winter’s toll on the woods.

One site I looked at showed photos taken back pre-2017 of my house and shed, when they added a $18,388 revaluation. I didn’t complain about that. A photo if they would take one now, they would see it looks the same now.  No added wing.  No huge workshop/garage.  No olympic pool.  

My house is in the state that when I leave (one way or another… I’m an old lady), I or someone can sell it as an “As Is” property. 

There is my opinion of the current rip-off evaluators.