My little P.J. pocket

By N.A. Booko

Pittsboro, NC – It has been a couple of years since I bought them at Siler City P.T.A thrift shoppe. (If you spell shoppe like that, it makes a place of business more exclusive and on the trending curve.) And if there is any curve I’m on, it’s the trend that’s curving. To be on the trending curve in Chatham county, you must drive carefully; watch out for those narrow minded roadblocks. They’ll stop you right in your barely visible tracks. I’m talking about my black and white striped flannel pajamas. Size ‘medium’. And are you ready for this? Them stripes are vertical. No more of those horizontal fat appearing stripes for me!

Let me tell you; these fine threads are far out like all get-out man. Like I’m telling you youse can hang free dude. No one would have second thoughts if you wore them grocery shopping. Of course I would never expose my little jammies to such social abuse. But on more than one special occasion I have worn them out to the mailbox. But, mind you, only to get special mail. I did, I’ll admit, get some honkey horns and dog barks but that was only because they figured I was celebrating Guantanamo Bay day.

The most wonderful thing about my flannel striped flannel pajamas is that they have a little pocket right where my heart is. More to the left side than to the center. This little pocket can hold any number things, as long as they are small enough to fit in. For example, l have a regular sized red plastic funnel that can just barley fit in. It sure looks neat with the black and white stripes, but is very uncomfortable when I turn over on my left side. A wadded up Kleenex
 is less than comfortable.

I know the day will come that my faithful black and white striped pajamas will no longer have the strength and durability to perform and be what they were intended to do.  It will be a sad, sad day. I won’t; I just won’t let my old friends become some unraveled  common cleaning rags. I won’t.  

“A stitch in time won’t save mine”