Chatham County News Tweets: 9.27.21 – 10.3.21

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Chatham County News Tweets: 2021-09-20 – 2021-09-26 08:00:50, 2021-09-27RT @NcAging: The Coalition applauds Dennis Streets of @chathamCOA for his pioneering vision and long-standing commitment to improving the l… 08:57:31, 2021-09-27RT @JeffNiemanNC: Happy birthday, Rep. Robert Reives! @electreives for #Chatham County! 09:00:12, 2021-09-27RT @chapelhillmag: The Hobbs family has lived at Baldwin’s Mill in Chatham County since 1941. The family’s beloved matriarch, Lois Ann Hobb… 09:00:31, 2021-09-27RT @gannotti: So what does Mikey do after finishing shoveling and wheelbarrowing 3 tons of rock at home? Showers then heads to Mead Fest he… 09:01:17, 2021-09-27The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @ludkmr @ennislaw @PboroElementary #hispanicheritage #ncarts 09:50:39, 2021-09-27RT @ChathamNR: Katie Childs’ transition from a supporting role at the United Way of Chatham County to its executive director happened becau… 13:22:30, 2021-09-27RT @storychurch: A few highlights from our outdoor service in #chathamcountync. It was gorgeous outside & great to hangout w/ everyone from… 13:22:45, 2021-09-27RT @SC_ParksRec: ?? Lots of fun was had at Friday Night Flicks! Enjoy the final FREE flick: “Trolls World Tour” Fri, Oct 22 at dusk (approx… 13:24:15, 2021-09-27RT @ChathamCountyNC: The Huckleberry Trail Farm Fall Festival runs each Sat. (10AM – 6PM) & Sun. (1PM- 6PM) thru Oct. 31 at 143 Pleasant Hi… 13:25:11, 2021-09-27RT @CTE_Chatham: NHS HOSA did a fundraiser for Troy Ennis. This fundraiser was to help with medical bills while Troy fights his battle with… 13:25:21, 2021-09-27RT @CTE_Chatham: Northwood’s Health Science students received their CPR and First Aid certifications last week. Congratulations on earning… 13:25:32, 2021-09-27RT @CORAFoodPantry: We will be in Siler City on Tuesday, September 28th from 10 -12 for our Mobile Market! Rain or shine we will be there s… 13:25:46, 2021-09-27RT @NorthwoodXCTF: Senior Night tonight at Northwood
Boys Race at 5:00 p.m.
Girls Race at 5:30 p.m. #BeGreat #AllN 13:26:45, 2021-09-27RT @ChargerAthletes: Game Day! Let’s Go Chargers! @NHSChargers @NorthwoodXCTF @NHSChargerSocc @ChathamNRSports @ChathamNCSports https://t.c… 13:27:25, 2021-09-27RT @mrskt3henry: Not only do we have a supportive coach and AD but amazing businesses in our community who help celebrate our @NorthwoodXCT13:27:45, 2021-09-27RT @SC_ParksRec: ?TUNE IN to WNCA AM 1570 Radio! Listen for the Siler City Rec Report each weekday (7:45am or 3:45pm) for up-to-date info a… 19:41:37, 2021-09-27RT @northwoodhosa: HOSA Pie in the Face Fundraiser to raise awareness for Childress Cancer Month 19:42:05, 2021-09-27RT @Chatham_Chamber: Opportunity for young entrepreneurs… 19:42:19, 2021-09-27RT @VirginiaCrossEl: Our PTA made $14,453.77 this year by working Thrift Shop hours. So incredibly thankful and proud of all those who volu… 19:42:36, 2021-09-27RT @sarah_chicchi: Ms Wilson and Mrs Lindley are not only amazing @VirginiaCrossEl teachers but they do so much for our PTA. Thank you, lad… 19:42:48, 2021-09-27RT @NorthwoodB_Ball: A little sand volleyball action to end the day after a great morning workout and afternoon lift! Congrats to team Whi… 19:43:38, 2021-09-27RT @ChargerAthletes: Highlights: Northwood takes down Hobbton, 34-14 via @WRAL 19:43:51, 2021-09-27RT @SCEBulldogs: Good morning from the 2nd-grade team at SCE! Yes, they fit right in! We love this picture for so many reasons! #theheartof19:44:05, 2021-09-27RT @NorthwoodXCTF: What does a XC Coach do on a Sunday before Senior Night?
1.Set Up the Chute and Flags
2.Mark the Course
3. Put out Cones… 19:44:15, 2021-09-27RT @SC_ParksRec: ????We’re having a BALL this Youth Kickball season in Siler City! Share your photos with us from this season by tagging us… 08:37:10, 2021-09-28The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @sarahlmorgan @CISLMUNC @LocalReporterOC #jmaawards #dragbrunch 09:50:38, 2021-09-28The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @TheHeartofNC @ChathamCountyNC 09:50:38, 2021-09-29RT @CCINOV8: A HUGE Shout Out to our FANTASTIC PTA and the Chatham County PTA Thrift stores for the monetary donation we received this year… 15:30:44, 2021-09-29RT @genefoto: Quick zoom out shot of the Penguin Place sculpture by Edwin White in the center of the traffic circle on Russet Run! #Pittsbo16:02:52, 2021-09-29RT @ChathamNR: The Siler City Board of Commissioners hosted a special meeting Monday to guarantee an option for $14.5 million in loan money… 16:03:18, 2021-09-29RT @ChathamParkNC: Final touches are being added to our new Information Center located in @mosaicatchatham. We’ll be opening on October 2nd… 16:04:11, 2021-09-29RT @NorthwoodB_Ball: 5?4? days till the 2021-2022 season starts! #chargerfamily #TrustTheProcess #WinTheDay @NorthwoodNut @ChargerAthletes18:40:41, 2021-09-29RT @580CraftBeer: New additions to the 2021 Chatham County Beer Festival line up! Brewery additions: Tobacco Road
Crank Arm
Clouds Brewin… 21:53:38, 2021-09-29RT @NorthwoodXCTF: 21:54:05, 2021-09-29RT @NorthwoodXCTF: Mr.Charlie wanted a ride on the Gator before he stopped to say Hey to my XC Team and Challenge THE @cmurrell12 and myse… 21:54:21, 2021-09-29RT @NorthwoodXCTF: Guys 5th, Girls 10th 21:54:41, 2021-09-29RT @NorthwoodXCTF: Senior Night was a Success! Men finish 1st while Women take 2nd in a Pre-Conference Meeting at Northwood. Thank you to @… 21:54:51, 2021-09-29RT @Studen1Seaforth: Have you heard?Students will be taking over announcements and student news,Inside the Hawks Nest! As students we plan… 21:56:17, 2021-09-29RT @ChathamGOP: The Chatham County GOP traveled to Bennett and Bonlee to learn about community happenings. Veterans were honored near Bonle… 21:56:34, 2021-09-29RT @JMHS_Live: Volleyball takes a quick 3-0 sweep over Cummings! #JetsUpdate 21:56:52, 2021-09-29RT @JMHSJets: It’s time to shop your closet, and get your Spirit Week looks ready for next week! #JMHSHomecoming21 21:57:13, 2021-09-29RT @JMHSJets: The @JMHSJets family is saddened by the loss of Ms. Heilman, always a cheerful and tireless advocate for teachers and student… 21:57:38, 2021-09-29The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @bidsUSA @will_doran @jeduamensa #ncpol #ncga 09:50:38, 2021-09-30RT @PittsboroPTA: Did you know we earned over $19,500 for our hours worked at the Chatham PTA Thrift Shop?! We have 3 workgroups in October… 10:34:45, 2021-09-30RT @SC_ParksRec: ?Check out THE REC CONNECT — a quarterly newsletter highlighting upcoming recreational opportunities in Siler City during… 10:35:20, 2021-09-30RT @JMHSArts: The October edition of JMArts Update goes out to members and media at 10 a.m. tomorrow, so make sure you check your email! (A… 10:35:32, 2021-09-30RT @ChathamCoSch: Good morning, Chatham County. A reminder that you have the opportunity today to Zoom with us as part of the Relationships… 10:35:57, 2021-09-30RT @silercityfc: We want to give a big thanks to Warrior Steel Erection Corp. for Sponsoring our soccer balls! Warrior Steel is located… 13:50:26, 2021-09-30RT @ChathamParkNC: Ready for sneak peek #2 of our new Information Center? Look up or down, there is innovation all around. Our new informat… 15:55:46, 2021-09-30RT @alyssabyrdnc: @mosaicatchatham is growing! Learn about leasing opportunities to join these businesses: #pittsbo15:56:16, 2021-09-30In 1990, #ChathamNC County’s population was 75.3% white, 22.7% Black and 1.4% Hispanic (any race).
30 years later… 17:16:42, 2021-09-30RT @NHSChargers: Senior class of 2022 is back at it again! Rocking painting and tailgating! #AllIn @ChargerAthletes @NorthwoodXCTF https://… 17:23:15, 2021-09-30RT @ChargerAthletes: Tennis with back to back 9-0 wins. Last night 9-0 vs. Person and tonight 9-0 vs. Jordan Mathews @NHSChargers @Northwoo20:01:41, 2021-09-30RT @WiseOnWaste: We will have fall mulch sales on Wednesdays in October. Mulch is free the first two Wednesdays- Oct 6 and 13. Only mulch f… 20:53:05, 2021-09-30RT @PboroElementary: #PAWSome Superhero Always Respectful Rosie delivered some new #PandaSwag with @mrchutz. She reminded the #PandaFamily22:08:40, 2021-09-30RT @CTE_Chatham: NCCER connect is helping our carpentry students prepare for the NCCER certification. CCHS teacher, Jeff Phillips, is makin… 22:08:46, 2021-09-30RT @JMHSJets: The @JMHSJets @AVID4College sophs and seniors are having a great time on their visit to the @appstate campus! Do we spot some… 22:09:05, 2021-09-30RT @SeaforthHawks: Preparing for kickoff at Lee County High School for this week’s football game. Proud of our Hawks football family conti… 22:09:34, 2021-09-30RT @WeatherWes: So long September! The cold fronts have started coming a little more regularly, but we still had some hot days in the 90s m… 22:10:19, 2021-09-30RT @MickJagger: Out and about last night in Charlotte, NC 22:27:21, 2021-09-30The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @log_pond @ChathamNR @TriadBizJournal #pittsboronc #raleigh 09:50:38, 2021-10-01The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @2042Project @ChathamNR @MarketWN #foodie #news 09:50:37, 2021-10-02Northwood Booster Club working concession stand behind the student section at the @UNCFootball game this afternoon ? 10:09:55, 2021-10-02The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @ZachWard @PittsboroCVB @NewsWorldPress 09:50:38, 2021-10-03