Mobile units at North Chatham Elementary destroyed in Saturday night fire

Pittsboro, NC – North Chatham Elementary School had a fire in mobile units overnight on Saturday. Five units were destroyed. No one was injured, and classes will be conducted as usual Monday, with some moving to a different space in the main building.

Chatham North wants to reassure families that the school is safe and the fire will not affect day-to-day learning this week. Classes will do a talking circle to talk about what happened to help our students with this news.  The school will have counselors on campus tomorrow to assist staff and students.

The school is working to create an inventory of what was lost. The units were used for elective classes, staff offices and storage. Chatham County Schools does not know the cause of the fire is awaiting word from Fire Department investigators. We also are assessing the value of the materials lost. 

“We are so glad no one was injured,” said Principal Emily Bivins. “We want to put our families’ minds at ease that this will not affect the safety of our school or our learning environment. We appreciate our community’s support as we move forward from this.”