Chatham County News Tweets: 12.6.21 – 12.12.21

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Such a magical evening at Supper With Santa in Siler City!

Chatham County News Tweets: 2021-11-29 – 2021-12-05 08:00:08, 2021-12-06The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @TriangleBIZJrnl @PrepsNow @Boykin4Congress #ncpol #nc07 09:50:37, 2021-12-06RT @SC_ParksRec: ?? Such a MAGICAL evening at Supper With Santa in Siler City! Thank you to Santa & Mrs. Claus for stopping by and to all o… 11:46:09, 2021-12-06RT @chathamjournal: Watch! 1st quarter Jordan-Matthews Lady Jets vs Northwood Lady Chargers basketball game – 12.1.21 #ChathamNC https://t.… 13:14:36, 2021-12-06RT @CCPLib: There’s still time to give a Merry Christmas to a local child in need! The Toys for Tots donations will be picked up on Friday,… 13:14:49, 2021-12-06RT @iamcccc: The @iamcccc Culinary Program’s Natural Chef Cafe on the @iamcccc Chatham Main Campus (Pittsboro) will be open from 11:30 a.m.… 13:15:05, 2021-12-06RT @CORAFoodPantry: Please recycle your egg cartons by donating them to #CORA. We purchase eggs in bulk and need cartons to package eggs fo… 13:15:13, 2021-12-06RT @PittsboroPBA: 13:15:42, 2021-12-06RT @chathamjournal: Chatham County Board of Commissioners to hold special meeting December 8 to receive presentation & update on the Unifie… 13:15:54, 2021-12-06RT @CBHPW: CBHPW would like spotlight our Pittsboro office for the Monday Mention! Pittsboro may geographically be considered a small town… 13:16:05, 2021-12-06RT @cisnc: Thank you Communities In Schools of Chatham County (@CISChatham) for sharing this impactful video showing the transformative imp… 13:16:23, 2021-12-06RT @univprepmbb: University Academy defeats Chatham Home School 93-43 last night in Pittsboro,NC 13:16:47, 2021-12-06RT @chathamjournal: Chatham County Fire Marshal issues open burning ban due to hazardous forest fire conditions. This ban includes open bur… 13:17:05, 2021-12-06RT @WCHLChapelboro: Pittsboro’s board of commissioners voted unanimously asking Town Manager Chris Kennedy to write a letter to the N.C. De… 13:17:22, 2021-12-06RT @clayhensley: @akilbello When I was working in Chapel Hill, living in Carrboro, Allen & Son in Pittsboro was considered among the most a… 13:17:44, 2021-12-06RT @JeevyJeev: A solid book table here at The Local Church in Pittsboro, NC @rachelheldevans @jeffchu @KatecBowler @JemarTisby @dianabutle13:17:52, 2021-12-06RT @JMHSArts: Sort of feels like an artistic exploration of positive and negative space. ? More scenes from the 2021 Chatham Artists Guild… 13:18:02, 2021-12-06RT @JMHSArts: Is this an official photobomb from JM art teacher Marcus Lawson? ? More scenes from the 2021 Chatham Artists Guild K-12 Stud… 13:18:12, 2021-12-06RT @feebleoldhag: Feeling rich and expensive (at a wedding in Fearrington village drunk on gin) 13:18:24, 2021-12-06The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @jenjenkra @ChrisChurchView @cedprice #ordinances #silercity 09:50:36, 2021-12-07RT @chathamjournal: Watch! 4th quarter of Seaforth JV vs Harnett Central JV basketball game #chathamnc 10:24:57, 2021-12-07RT @ChathamCountyNC: Youth are invited to participate in the Winter Reading BINGO Challenge at @CCPLib branches Jan 3-Feb 14. The BINGO Cha… 10:25:05, 2021-12-07RT @CORAFoodPantry: Here are the Pantry’s most needed items this month! #CORA #ChathamNC #Fightinghungertogether #Donate #Community https:/… 10:25:48, 2021-12-07RT @PackSoftball: Our first returning upperclassman – @carsonshaner_ ? Carson is a North Carolina native from Pittsboro, entering her thir… 10:26:02, 2021-12-07The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @ChargerAthletes @requisplatform @PrepsNow #bodycam #pittsboro 09:50:37, 2021-12-08RT @rayengroves: @AstorAaron @MarcusBeam1 I live outside of Pittsboro, pretty close to Alamance County. It used to be a thriving agricultur… 09:52:40, 2021-12-08RT @chathamedc: Congrats to our neighbors and the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite for their Toyota announcement. As we work together to promot… 09:53:09, 2021-12-08RT @chathamjournal: The Lost Year: What the pandemic cost teenagers 11:56:53, 2021-12-08RT @PostonPrincipal: The @NHSChargers were #AllIn during our #Equity presentation. Thank you Dr Walston for sharing your “Equity Why” and g… 11:57:44, 2021-12-08RT @ChathamCoSch: We are glad some outstanding educators are going to be recognized today! #theheartofccs 11:58:38, 2021-12-08RT @chathamjournal: Watch! @NorthwoodB_Ball Lady Chargers coach Snipes after win over @eastchapelhill 00:17:38, 2021-12-09RT @ChathamCoSch: We were so glad to have the opportunity to honor Ms. Murray (Chatham County Schools 2020 Principal of the Year) and Mr. C… 00:17:57, 2021-12-09RT @everylot_usps: SILER CITY: 116 E RALEIGH ST, SILER CITY NC 27344-9907 00:18:07, 2021-12-09RT @gercohen: @RaleighReporter Correct. It prohibits ANY elections on March 8. IMHO things like Cary, Siler City, Henderson already delayed… 00:18:33, 2021-12-09RT @PittsboroCVB: Holiday wine dinner by The Travelling Cafe at @fireclaywines, Dec 17, 6.30pm. Percentage of proceeds to benefit Robin’s H… 00:19:41, 2021-12-09RT @LindaSt85442136: @rayengroves @chathamnc @AstorAaron @MarcusBeam1 Good luck. I live just outside Pittsboro. The change since we moved h… 00:20:14, 2021-12-09RT @openmikesdotorg: new: bmc brewing (Thursday) #Pittsboro_NC 00:20:19, 2021-12-09RT @rayengroves: @LindaSt85442136 @chathamnc @AstorAaron @MarcusBeam1 I hate it. I’m hoping my husband goes full remote in the next year so… 00:20:47, 2021-12-09RT @chathamjournal: Watch 4th quarter of the Northwood vs Chapel Hill JV basketball game on 12.7.21 #chathamnc 00:32:21, 2021-12-09The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @ChathamNR @PrepsNow @will_doran #ncpol #gricesgems 09:50:36, 2021-12-09The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @tmj_rdu_nursing @BladenOnline @nclive #ncpolitics #nursing 09:50:37, 2021-12-10RT @Northwood_PTSA: Don’t miss the upcoming events at Northwood! @NHSChargers @NHSAEF #GoChargers Dance Concert
Friday at 7pm
Saturday at… 12:05:40, 2021-12-10The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @AmRevNC @HannerMcClellan @iamcccc #amrev #talkingprepsnc 09:50:37, 2021-12-11 13:10:10, 2021-12-11RT @MZHemingway: Lord, have mercy 22:57:34, 2021-12-11The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @PrepsNow @ForwardCarolina 09:50:36, 2021-12-12RT @PiedmntGardener: We download the wildlife cameras along our creek every Saturday. Here’s a still shot from the highlight video of the w… 10:15:15, 2021-12-12RT @580CraftBeer: Sunday Funday! You know the drill! 15% off mix 6 packs and use coupon code BREW15 for 15% off online! Check out our in… 14:52:48, 2021-12-12RT @ChathamNR: Siler City Commissioner Chip Price told his fellow board members Monday evening he would be seeking the mayor’s seat in Sile… 14:53:37, 2021-12-12RT @ChathamNR: “We knew that in 2019, we were going to see an increase, and then in 2020, we received that confirmation,” Neha Shah, direct… 14:53:54, 2021-12-12Pittsboro Christmas parade starts at 3 pm this Sunday afternoon 14:54:28, 2021-12-12RT @CORAFoodPantry: This winter we are providing our families we fresh produce to help make their meals healthier! Each week we are distrib… 23:15:59, 2021-12-12RT @kineticgardens: @DaxGigandet $2.89 Siler City NC yesterday. 23:16:06, 2021-12-12RT @hiles_hurt: A hawk keeps watch over a parking lot at Jordan Lake in Chatham County, N.C. Not sure what species, so any guidance is appr… 23:16:32, 2021-12-12RT @northwoodhosa: NHS Cheer and Dance Spreading some Christmas Cheer today at the Pittsboro parade 23:18:47, 2021-12-12RT @brittan70011579: Pittsboro Christmas ? parade 23:19:13, 2021-12-12RT @NorthwoodFFA: Pittsboro Christmas Parade, Charger style! 23:19:21, 2021-12-12RT @NHSChargers: Proud to see our Marching Chargers today in the Pittsboro Christmas Parade! Great to see our cheer/dance teams and FFA flo… 23:19:29, 2021-12-12