CCPHD introduces new COVID-19 information tool

Pittsboro, NC – If Chatham County residents have recently been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms, there are many testing sites across the county where they can be tested. A full Chatham-specific list can be found here.

photo by Ryutaro Tsukata

“More than one in five COVID-19 tests in Chatham County is coming back positive,” said Chatham County Public Health Director Mike Zelek. “Testing options are available in Chatham, but with the rise in cases results may take longer than usual to get back. Consider asking for a rapid test to get more timely results.”

This week, the Chatham County Public Health Department published a new resource: the COVID-19 Facts FAQ. This online tool covers questions that CCPHD staff have heard many times throughout the pandemic, like:

Why should I wear a mask if I have been vaccinated?Why does guidance from the CDC and other public health organizations change so much?How many deaths have been caused by the vaccine?Can’t we trust our natural immunity to protect us, especially if we’ve already had COVID-19?

“We’ve received a lot of questions over the last two years, and we do our best to address these as honestly as possible while acknowledging the concerns many have,” added Zelek. “With this tool, we hope to respond to these questions with a straightforward answer while also providing background and further resources for those interested.”

Chatham residents are encouraged to check out the resource here. If there are any questions that the FAQ doesn’t answer, residents can send them to and the CCPHD will respond.

To learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine and find other resources, visit this county website. To find a COVID-19 vaccine location, visit To learn more about the Chatham County Public Health Department, visit this webpage or this Facebook page.