Chatham County News Tweets: 6.13.22 – 6.19.22

Pittsboro, NC – Follow our affiliate Chatham County News Tweets here. Below is a collection of #ChathamNC tweets from last week:

Chatham County News Tweets: 2022-06-06 – 2022-06-12 08:00:02, 2022-06-13The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @CannabisBizNews @PatrickDotWeb #cannabis 09:50:37, 2022-06-13Gruesome run-off from Chatham Park Investors property 22:01:16, 2022-06-13View Livestream recording from JAM at Bynum Front Porch 22:46:10, 2022-06-13The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @PatriotMalave67 @fayobserver @chathamjournal 09:50:36, 2022-06-14RT @CORAFoodPantry: Donate to #CORA in honor of your Dad this Father’s Day! Show Pops how much you love his generous spirit by helping thos… 10:35:06, 2022-06-14RT @chathamjournal: Chatham County installs two electric vehicle charging stations. The charging stations are located in Siler City at the… 10:51:11, 2022-06-14RT @ALLNFootball: Camp for the 22’ season has begun.. #ALLN @CoachKenan ? 12:19:08, 2022-06-14RT @holtmm: This guy makes everyday at JMHS a great day to be a Jet! He teaches me so much everyday about love, kindness, and being a bette… 12:24:14, 2022-06-14RT @JBryceSmith: After working hard @ALLNFootball eatin’ good thanks to Allen’s and Son in Pittsboro NC! Charger Nation stop in and get@so… 18:12:56, 2022-06-14RT @chathamcharter: Well done, guys! They join recent grad Brandon McKoy (cross country) as our student-athletes to earn All-State honors.… 18:13:15, 2022-06-14RT @JMHS_Live: Don’t forget! FREE physicals this Thursday at UNC Clinic in Pittsboro. Use the link below to sign-up! If not accompanied… 18:14:12, 2022-06-14RT @iamcccc: The @iamcccc Sustainable Agriculture applied science and business-based curriculum gives students a strong foundation in under… 18:14:43, 2022-06-14RT @CCPLib: Eight more Chatham County yearbooks are available online at! New batch includes Jordan Matthews H.S., C… 18:15:00, 2022-06-14RT @PittsboroCVB: Fri, June 17, Mead Pairing Dinner at @StarrlightMead,
the first of many pairing dinners in the Mead Hall. Copeland Spring… 18:15:17, 2022-06-14RT @chathamjournal: Another song from Saturday morning’s Jam session at the @bynumfrontporch in #chathamnc 18:16:06, 2022-06-14RT @NorthwoodXCTF: If you need a Physical sign up here for Thursday June 16th Make sure you complete PlanetHS ASAP 18:16:16, 2022-06-14Chatham Chatlist #7303 08:55:39, 2022-06-15The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @iamcccc @TriadBizJournal @WRAL #ncmead #ncwine 09:50:38, 2022-06-15RT @CORAFoodPantry: SNACK! kicks off this week, and we want to thank @ChathamChurch for their amazing support of this program over the year… 10:24:09, 2022-06-15RT @VectorBarrier: Meeting with Pittsboro PD today! If you are in NC and want a demo, please send a message. We service UNC Chapel Hill… 10:24:42, 2022-06-15RT @CoachDavidSisk: Drake Powell a 2024, 6-6 shooting guard from Pittsboro, NC has heard from Baylor, BYU, Cincinatti, East Carolina, Miami… 17:41:07, 2022-06-15RT @presti_pizza: ? Today (6/15) from ? 5pm-7:30pm
? Fearrington Village (26 Swim & Croquet, 27312) Follow us on StreetFoodFinder!
https:/… 17:41:31, 2022-06-15RT @TheInnAtCelebr1: Room at the Inn? We never know who’s gonna come knocking at the door. Good morning, Winnie & Gandalf! (Part 1 in a ser… 17:42:05, 2022-06-15Chatham Chatlist #7304 09:37:40, 2022-06-16The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @PittsboroCVB @LeafChronicle @ChathamGOP #workfromhomenews 09:50:36, 2022-06-16RT @PittsboroCVB: Festivities for the Fourth–plan your next road trip, long weekend, and Fourth celebrations, with us… 10:44:13, 2022-06-16RT @chathamedc: Congratulations to Sam Rauf for being awarded the @nceda_ ‘s Emerging Leader of the Year Award! Sam was recognized for his… 10:44:32, 2022-06-16RT @CBRERaleigh: Investment Opportunity: The Chatham County Assemblage is a 489-acre potential master planned development opportunity in th… 11:19:43, 2022-06-16RT @iamcccc: It’s been a great week at the @iamcccc Kids Cooking Camp. Learn more about other @iamcccc youth summer camps at… 11:27:43, 2022-06-16RT @WiseOnWaste: Sat June 18 is the Household Hazardous Waste from 9-3 at our Main Facility. Residents can bring only 20 gallons of latex p… 11:27:55, 2022-06-16RT @CORAFoodPantry: “Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing. It brightens my day to come to the Pantry.” When you support #CORA and share… 11:53:30, 2022-06-16Chatham Chatlist #7305 Friday Classifieds 07:09:08, 2022-06-17The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @mosaicatchatham @FOX8NOLA #morethanaplace #mosaicatchathampark 09:50:37, 2022-06-17RT @ChargerAthletes: Let’s go Drake! 20:51:49, 2022-06-17The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @nhsomniscient @chathammagazine 09:50:36, 2022-06-18Chatham Chatlist #7306 10:23:57, 2022-06-18RT @ChargerAthletes: @JamieShaw5 @TiptonEdits @GHamilton_On3 @powellxdrake @NorthwoodB_Ball @WakeRecruiting @TheWolfpacker @2024CP3 Need to… 10:37:39, 2022-06-18RT @chathamjournal: ChathamNC Tuesday Morning News Update – 6.18.22 16:08:29, 2022-06-18RT @ladychargersbb: Northwood female student-athletes represented Northwood HS & Chatham County Schools well tonight at the HighScholOT Hon… 07:14:32, 2022-06-19RT @HighSchoolOT: HSOT Honors : After best season in school history, Northwood’s girls basketball team named Team of the Year. https://t.c… 09:29:39, 2022-06-19The latest The Chatham County News Daily! Thanks to @CestAlain @iam_mahanthesh @revolttv 09:51:21, 2022-06-19Take our survey: Are you OK with gun shows at the Chatham County Ag Center? We’re interested to know what you think. 21:34:12, 2022-06-19RT @chathamjournal: Upcoming events at the Chatham Agriculture & Conference Center: June 20 – August 2 22:05:28, 2022-06-19#Chathamnc 22:05:52, 2022-06-19RT @Coach_Rick57: Players that had a great weekend that should garnish more interest from D1 schools
6’8 ’23 Max Frazier (No 24)
6’10 ’23… 22:06:33, 2022-06-19#Chathamnc 22:09:12, 2022-06-19