Have you downloaded the Visit NC Farms app to your smartphone?

By Tiffany Hancock

Pittsboro, NC – Have you downloaded the Visit NC Farms App to your smartphone?  Maybe you have never heard of the Visit NC Farms App.  This app connects consumers with our local farmers and farm businesses.  If you are looking for local foods, agricultural related events, restaurants that serve locally grown foods and more, then you may like this app that the NC Department of Agriculture has developed. The Visit NC Farms App covers the state of North Carolina and more counties are joining the app each month. 

This app will point you in the right direction wherever you are in North Carolina.  If you are at the coast on vacation and want to find local seafood, the app will direct you to local seafood providers in the area. Going to the mountains to pick out a Christmas tree?  The Visit NC Farms App will direct you to a local Christmas tree farm. No matter where you are in North Carolina, the Visit NC Farms App can lead you to local farms, farmers markets, agricultural events and more!  Download it today and support your local farmers.

Are you an agricultural related business?  You can join the app!  Thanks to the support from Chatham County Farm Bureau and Chatham County Government, farmers only pay $50 per year to join the app.  This $50 covers maintenance fees, support staff and marketing.  If you are interested in joining the app so that more consumers can connect with you, feel free to complete the Visit NC Farms App Asset form and we will work with you to get your Visit NC Farms App page up and running!  Click here to complete the Visit NC Farms App Asset Form.

What’s in it for farmers and agriculture based businesses? Customers!

As a participating farm or business, you can leverage the power of mobile technology — help customers find you in the palm of their hand! During this past year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the app has been a great tool for people looking for local food in their communities. Many farms have added farm stands and other ways to sell their products. The app has connected these farms with customers, both at home and from more urban areas.

The app includes several categories, and often farms are listed in more than one category.

Visit NC Farms App Categories:

Farms + Fisheries. The largest category in the Visit NC Farms App. If an asset is a working farm, ranch, or fishery growing crops, animals, or seafood, or is otherwise engaged in agriculture or agritourism (e.g. through farm/ranch recreational activities), they should be listed in this category.

Pick Your Own. Farms offering “Pick Your Own” produce experiences. Most farms in this category are berry farms, flower farms, and orchards. Farmers’ Markets. Any enterprise offering a space for multiple farms and vendors to sell products directly to consumers.

Local Food + Drink. Local businesses selling prepared food and drink on-site. Includes restaurants, bars, breweries, and wineries. For restaurants to be included on the app, at least 25% of ingredients should be grown or produced in North Carolina, and these farm suppliers shall be promoted on the restaurant menus/website/social media.

Shop Local. Businesses selling locally produced value-added goods (e.g. jams and jellies, cheeses), arts, or crafts. Could include local grocers, co-ops, general stores, woodworkers, and more.

Farm Stays + Lodging. Farms offering overnight stays on-site, including rentals through third-party sites such as Airbnb.

Tours + Trails. Farms offering farm tours, recreational space, and hiking trails. Also includes agritourism-related tours, including food tours, historic tours, and bridal tours.

Special Events. Assets listed in this category should be a listing exclusively for a Special Event. These events must have a start and end date. Includes festivals, fundraisers, and seasonal events. Special Events can also be listed as “recurring,” so this category can apply to a series of events (e.g., Live Music on Saturdays in the Summer).

For more information about the Visit NC Farms App click here to read more.