I’ll drink to that: Wine, women and longevity

By N.A. Booko

Pittsboro, NC – Ever so often, the ‘experts’ change their minds about what food and drinks are good for us. They never say which they prefer. Not too long ago they decided again, that coffee is good for us. They now have a long list of benefits. I sometimes feel they are being paid by the word. They just can’t say enough good things about that drink.

Photo by Liliya Grek

In the past 20 years, I have ‘given up’ coffee twice. Sometimes going five years without touching a drop. I stopped drinking caffeinated coffee nearly twenty years ago. I haven’t committed a murder since then. Nor have I been returned to our local ‘mental health’ fortress. A star in my crown! I do remember some of that coffee sitting on a constant ‘warm’ burner in some of Chatham eating establishments was gaining thickness by the moment. Not a good memory.

But I did, maybe a month ago, buy a small electric coffee maker. Just a few pennies under ten dollars. I wanted to make sure I really wanted perked java before investing some of my millions in an expensive model. Well, cheap is cheap. It is so lightweight you have to hold it down with one hand and pour with the other. And believe you me, a cup of coffee left simmering in that thing all day is a wake-up call from the first blistering sip. Guess I’ll stick with it for a while until ‘they’ decide it is harmful again; longevity

Now to that wine. Again, ‘they’ have changed their mind about it being the bad boy of red juice drinks. Once more, they say it is good for you. Once again, I decided to give it a try. Less than half glass later, I agreed with them.

One of the two oldest people in the world, a 116 years old, drinks a glass of red wine everyday. That person is a Nun, in a convent in France and claims wine keeps her healthy. How divine!

She claims a glass of wine a day does the trick- Well, just think if one glass a day works wonders, just think what my three glasses are doing.

P.S. – To think that most of Chatham County is dry, is all wet.