Chatham County Sheriff’s Office urges residents to prioritize Independence Day safety

Pittsboro, NC – With Independence Day celebrations underway this week, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office reminds residents to prioritize safety, especially when it comes to swimming and boating. The Fourth of July is a time for fun and festivities, but it is also crucial to stay vigilant and ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. 

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Use Life Jackets: Ensure that children and inexperienced swimmers wear life jackets.

Swim in Designated Areas: Only swim in areas designated for swimming. These areas are monitored for safety and potential hazards.

Always Supervise Children: Never leave children unattended near water. Designate a responsible adult to always watch over them.

Learn to Swim: Enroll yourself and your children in swimming lessons to build confidence and improve water safety skills.

Avoid Alcohol: Do not consume alcohol before or while swimming. Alcohol impairs judgment and coordination, increasing the risk of accidents.

Stay Hydrated and Protect Against Sunburn: Drink plenty of water and use sunscreen to protect against dehydration and sunburn.


Wear Life Jackets: Ensure everyone on board wears a properly fitted life jacket.

Do Not Drink and Boat: Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol is illegal and unsafe, increasing the risk of accidents.

Check Equipment: Before heading out, inspect your boat to ensure all equipment is in good working order.

Know the Weather: Check the weather forecast before boating. Avoid boating in bad weather conditions.

Follow Navigation Rules: Familiarize yourself with local boating laws and regulations. Always follow navigation rules to avoid collisions.

Have a Float Plan: Inform someone on land about your boating plans, including your expected return time and route.

“As we gather to celebrate our nation’s independence, let’s also commit to ensuring that our celebrations are safe for everyone,” said Sheriff Mike Roberson. “Whether you’re swimming, boating, or simply enjoying the festivities, remember that safety should never take a holiday. A few simple precautions can make all the difference in creating lasting, happy memories. Let’s make this Fourth of July a joyful and safe event for all.”

In addition to these safety tips, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office will be actively patrolling both land and water throughout the holiday weekend. We are dedicated to ensuring that all residents and visitors have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July. If you need assistance or see any unsafe behavior, do not hesitate to contact our office immediately.