Don’t allow North Chatham Park Way to destroy rural North Woods neighborhood

By Diana Dalsimer

Pittsboro, NC – I am a resident of the North Woods neighborhood in Pittsboro and a member of the Chatham Chatlist. North Woods is a quiet, rural hamlet of 200 acres comprising 17 families and bordering Chatham Park‘s proposed North Village. I have deep concerns over the proposed North Chatham Park Way By-pass going through our neighborhood rather than  being built on Chatham Park land.

I am deeply concerned by the proposal for the NC-DOT (in partnership with Chatham Park), to run North Chatham Park Way through the neighborhood of North Woods, (just east of the Mosaic development). This proposal aims to build a four lane highway through a well established rural neighborhood rather than using the undeveloped Chatham Park land that is just 200 yards to the east.

Chatham Park boasts their intentions of working in cooperation and good will with the long established community of Pittsboro and their residents. The NCDOT in partnership with Chatham Park’s proposed acquisition of private land for North Chatham Park Way is a poor example of their intentions. The responsible alternative is to build North Chatham Park Way on Chatham Park land.

The responsible alternative is to build North Chatham Park Way on Chatham Park land.

Chatham Park Way By-Pass is not just a concern for the neighborhood of North Woods. All homes and neighborhoods bordering the south end of Chatham Park could face the same fate and have their land taken away as the road extends south of Highway 64. There is no need to use private land. This is a test for Chatham Park. How do they really treat the established community they are neighbors to?

It is crucial to keep pockets of undeveloped land such as this rural neighborhood of North Woods intact.  These two hundred acres and 17 families comprising North Woods will become a necessary oasis from the high density development of Chatham Park’s North Village that will surround it. Do not destroy this neighborhood.

Taking private citizen land for the benefit and profit of developers and investors is just not right. Please use your influence to encourage NCDOT to do the right thing and shift North Chatham Park Way onto land owned by Chatham Park.

The North Woods neighbors have launched a website and social media pages and are encouraging members of the community to provide feedback to NCDOT by the February 7 via the public comment email address at or at the Chatham Park Way website.